BUT FIRST — How to Shop:

T.B.B.C Retailers are not allowed to sell pieces directly online. However, we are able to list available pieces and their sizes.

There are Several Ways to Shop:

1) Once you've found your items to purchase Click "Contact for availability" with the Product Name, Size, and Print* (*if applicable). This will email us an inquiry form and we can email you directly with an invoice. Once paid your items will be processed and shipped!

2) Text Us your Wish List to (912) 599-0050! Include your Name, Email, Product Name(s), Size(s), and Print(s)*. We'll create and invoice and text or email it back to you!

3) Call us at (912) 487-5318 and have your wish list ready! We'll email an invoice or take payment over the phone.

***Please note, we cannot offer holds on merchandise during this high volume sale. All items are first come first serve and item goes to first payment. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are no returns or exchanges.

During the Sir Proper Sidewalk Sale The Little Avriett is proud to offer FREE SHIPPING site wide. If you prefer, we also offer local pickup. Please allow 24-48 hours for local pickup as this sale is extremely high volume.

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